The Best Exercise Equipment for Building a Perfect Body

Learn how to design the perfect gym for achieving every exercise goal and building a perfect body.

Ben Greenfield,
Episode #342

I recently packed up my wife and twin boys and embarked upon our annual family vacation to the tiny, sleepy Pacific Northwest coastal town Seaside, Oregon. In reality, Seaside —a somewhat touristy town with far more arcades, candy stores and ice cream shops than gyms —wouldn’t be my ideal choice for an active, healthy hotspot destination. But it’s a longstanding tradition in my wife’s family, so I joined in.

Into the back of the car, I threw my kettlebell, my suspension trainer, an elastic band, a couple of light “sliders” (think tiny plates the size of paper plates that can be used for a host of different exercise). With no access to a gym or any other workout equipment, but armed with these four simple and easy-to-transport tools and five basic exercises for each tool, every day I was able to perform an enormous variety of exercises, including:



-Around The World

-Single Arm Clean to Overhead Press

-Goblet Squat

-Bent Row

Suspension Strap:


-Suspended Push-Ups With Knee-To-Chest

-Left And Right Leg Suspended Lunges

-Plank Rotations


-Mountain Climbers

-Lateral Slides



-Crocodile Walks

Elastic Band:

-Front Raises

-Side Raises

-Lateral Shuffles



Body Weight:


-Jumping Jacks

-Skipping In Place



The fact is, from family reunions to road trips to long airplane rides and beyond, you can drop me just about anywhere on the face of the planet and I’ll figure out a way to not just maintain muscle, but to also build muscle, burn fat and develop power, strength, stamina and balance. Sometimes these tools are simple - such as the easy-to-use travel “kit” described above - and sometimes these tools are more complex, fringe biohacks that fly under-the-radar. But from simple to complex, every tactic I’ve discovered to mold the body will be described in this article, which will serve as your ultimate guide to biohack and build the perfect human using many little-known methods you’re not going to discover anyplace else.

Let’s begin with simple and easy-to-use tools that are indispensable to have in a suitcase, car, home office, park, basement, backyard or anywhere else a “pop-up gym” is required, including the best articles I’ve previously written or discovered on how to use each piece of gear.



-Weighted backpack

-Weighted vest

-Training mask


-Hand Grip Trainer


-Elastic Tubing

-Monster Band

-Suspension Strap

-Slider Plates


-Blood Flow Restriction Straps

-Underwater Audio Player


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