The Best Workout for Fat Loss

What is the best workout for fat loss?  Find out what the essential components of a fat loss workout and see a video demonstration of them in action.

Ben Greenfield
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Get-Fit Guy Ben Greenfield on How to Burn the Most Fat

I’m often asked, "What is the best workout for fat loss?" Because every body is different, there is no perfect, "one-size-fits-all" exercise routine that results in maximum fat loss. But there are five characteristics of every successful fat loss program:

1. Convenient. This means that you can do it anywhere, without being forced to spend two hours at a gym, or access special equipment or expensive gadgets. All you need is your body, and perhaps an elastic band!

2. Full Body. Every muscle in your body needs to be targeted for a maximum metabolic boost, so combine upper and lower body.

3. Heart Rate Stimulating. For maximum cardiovascular stimulation, the workout should require that you move from exercise to exercise with minimal rest.

4. No Heavy Weights. To maximize fat loss, you need to be able to do more than 8 repetitions of an exercise.

5. Consistent. You should be able to do the workout 2-4 times each week, without having to rest for several days due to excessive soreness.

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