Tone Your Butt & Thighs With 3 New Lunges

Sometimes just lunging forwards or lunging backwards can get a bit boring. Try these 3 new moves if you want to mix things up.

Ben Greenfield
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When it comes to toning your butt and thighs, there’s nothing quite like a lunge. But sometimes just lunging forwards or lunging backwards can get a bit boring, so if you want to mix things up with some new lunge exercises, here are 3 new moves that will engage and energize those all-important leg muscles:

  • Tip-Toe Lunges: Tip-Toe Lunges work your calves and balance, while toning your butt and thighs. For this exercise, hold a set of dumbbells for resistance, and lunge from one end of the room or gym to the other, while staying up on your tip-toes.

  • One-Arm Overhead Walking Lunge: This version will work your shoulders and help to strengthen your core and spine. Lunge from one end of the room or gym to the other while holding one dumbbell overhead, then switch arms and repeat.

  • Reverse Lunge & Swing: This is a great lunge move if you play a swinging sport like tennis or golf, or want to trim the sides of your waist. Hold a weight, lunge backwards, and as you lunge, swing that weight behind you. Then lunge forwards, and swing the weight in front of you. Do this while maintaining a tall, proud posture.

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