Top 16 Push-Up Variations (Part 2)

Push-ups give you a full body workout, burn fat and build muscle, and you can do them anywhere. Learn Get-Fit Guy’s top 16 push-up variations, plus get an instructional video.

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #114

In last week’s episode, you learned the first 7 variations of the push-up exercise, which can be changed in many ways to work different muscles or help you achieve different fitness goals.

Let’s jump right into the next 9 variations of the push-up, and remember that you can get a video of all these push-up variations by clicking here.

#8. Narrow Grip Push-Up. In the episode How to Tone the Back of Your Arms, narrow grip push-ups are highlighted as a fantastic triceps exercise. This is true, but only if you focus on keeping your elbows in as you do it. To do a proper narrow grip push-up, simply move your hands slightly closer together, and as you perform the push-up, focus on ensuring that your elbows “brush” the sides of your rib cage, rather than flaring out.

#9. One Leg Push-Up. When you lift one leg off the ground during the push-up, you place a much higher amount of stress on the leg that is left on the ground, and you also shift more weight to your upper body muscles and abs. You can alternate legs, or simply leave one leg elevated during the entire set.

#10. Spiderman Push-Up. The Spiderman push-up is a great way to work the sides of your abs. To do it, simply perform a push-up, but as you lower yourself to the ground, drive your right knee to your left elbow, then push yourself back up as you bring that leg back. Then do another push-up, but this time drive your left knee to your right elbow. This exercise can be made even more difficult by doing it with your feet on a raised surface.


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