Top 16 Push-Up Variations (Part 2)

Push-ups give you a full body workout, burn fat and build muscle, and you can do them anywhere. Learn Get-Fit Guy’s top 16 push-up variations, plus get an instructional video.

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #114

#11. Dive Bomber Push-Up. If you don’t have access to a weight that you can press overhead, but you still want to work your shoulders in a similar manner, then a dive bomber push-up can come in handy. To do a dive-bomber push-up (also known as a hindu push-up), begin with both hands about 12 inches in front of the body, imagine an electric fence above your hands, and “dive” under that fence in a swooping motion, and then reverse direction and swoop back. You may need to watch the video for this one. It’s also a fantastic flexibility exercise for your low back and hamstrings.

#12. Clapping Push-Up. Explosive push-ups outperform nearly every other variation in terms of the force requirements to push the body off the ground. Of course, the high impact nature of this variation can make it difficult if you have low back problems, as you place an enormous amount of stress on the lower spine when your hands “land,” so be careful with this one!

#13. Torso Forward Push-Up. When you shift your torso forward during the push-up, you use more of your chest and less of your triceps compared to a normal push-up position. Simply begin the push-up with your hands placed farther back (closer to your ribcage) than you normally would.

#14. Torso Back Push-Up. As you may have guessed already, the previous variation could be reversed. So when you shift your torso back during the push-up, instead of forward, you use less of your chest and more of your triceps. Begin this version with your hands about 6-12 inches farther out in front than you would normally place your hands.


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