Video: Monster Squat Jumps

Get-Fit Guy demonstrates how to use a combination of deep squats, explosive jumps, and monster walks to get a full power, strength, and cardio workout all at the same time. 

Brock Armstrong
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The Quick And Dirty

Doing jumping exercises is not only fun, it can also:

  • improve balance
  • build muscle coordination
  • increase bone density
  • improve strength and muscle tone
  • even help relieve stress 

In this video, I demonstrate how to do what I call Monster Squat Jumps -- a combination of monster walks and squat jumps done in sequence. 

The great thing about mixing these exercises all together is that you get well rounded workout that you can do anywhere (that has a high enough ceiling). And, if you follow the order that I do the exercises in, you don't even need to warm-up before doing them (but of course, you can).

  • Basic deep squats.
  • Add in squat jump.
  • Throw in some lateral Monster Walks in between each jump.

Pro tips: Stick your butt out behind you before you squat down, absorb as much of your landing by squatting deeply, use your arms to help propel you off the ground. 

This is a heck of a great way to build some explosive power (from the jumps), strength (from the squats), and an excellent way to get your heart rate up (cardio, if you will) all at the same time. And if you're like me, someone who doesn't want his dedicated exercise time to take up too much of his day, this combo is a meaningful workout and a time saver. 

You can learn more about how to work on your squat in this video and my article called 5+ Benefits of Squatting and How to Prepare.

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