7 Food Hacks for Dairy Lovers

All about dairy products? Here is how you can make your own butter, cut soft cheese, and more with these tips for all things cheesy and buttery. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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DIY Butter

The problem: You love store-bought butter spreads, but you know the trans fats inside aren’t good for you. The solution? Make your own at home! Just combine a stick of butter and a quarter cup of canola oil with a hand mixer. It will be soft and easy to spread! If you buy them in bulk, you can also save money over buying store-bought margarine.

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Butter Softener

Whenever I need soft butter and all I have are hard, refrigerated sticks, I simply shave off the needed amount with a vegetable peeler. In a matter of seconds, the butter shavings will be soft.

Cut Soft Cheese Easily

One of the easiest ways to cut soft cheeses like feta and goat cheese? Use dental floss! Hold the floss tight and give it a slight sawing motion as you move it down to cut through the cheese.

How to Grate Soft Cheese

To quickly and easily “grate” Feta or other soft cheeses, just push the cheese through a colander with a potato masher.

For Cheese Plate Praise

Serving cheese and crackers? Always bring cheese to room temperature for one hour before serving it. Even if the cheese melts a little, the flavor will be much better.

Save Your Rinds

The rinds of hard cheeses like Parmesan are great flavor enhancers for soups. Add a 3-inch square to your next pot of soup, and when you’re serving the soup, break up the delicious, softened rind and include a little of it in each bowl. It’s completely edible. 

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