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Dr. Majd, better known as House Call Doctor, has been podcasting here for a decade. Listen as she shares the next step in her journey, and learn how you can subscribe to her new video blog channel and how you can continue to follow her medical quests.

Sanaz Majd, MD
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Episode #263

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This is a bittersweet moment for me as the House Call Doctor. As I’ve mentioned on social media and in my last two podcast episodes, this will be my last and farewell episode.

I have been podcasting for Macmillan Publishing for nearly ten years now. Loving something so much is certainly difficult to let go. I would like to say how much I’ve valued my relationship with Macmillan throughout the years. I have worked with a range of editors and a fabulous team of hosts along the way, and I'm so grateful to this team for providing me with a voice this past decade.

I will be moving on to video blogging, where I will still have a voice and will still be covering important medical topics, only now you will be able to actually see me! I will also be able to shed light on medical topics through a much more visual medium. I have created a video channel on YouTube which you can access and subscribe to here.

In order to continue to learn about the latest medical topics, up-to-date and vital medical research findings, and links to all of my upcoming YouTube videos, I encourage you to follow me by...

It’s really been quite a journey. Macmillan Publishing initially discovered me back when I was blogging about medical issues. They were seeking a female physician to host the Girlfriend MD podcast. (Many of you who have been following me since then may recall this throwback!) The podcast was (mostly) about female health issues—which you can still access—covering topics such as:

And various embarrassing medical topics that patients are often afraid to ask their doctor about, like:

  • STDs: Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), pubic lice, genital herpes
  • Skin/hair problems: Scabies, dandruff, hair loss, hairiness, acne, 4 most common skin conditions, varicose veins, what to do if you sweat too much
  • Gynecologic issues: Nipple discharge, urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge, yeast infections

I was later asked to take over the House Call Doctor podcast, to help include the other 50% of the population. As a host, my goals have always been four-fold:

1. Provide Evidence-Based Information

To dispel medical myths and provide evidence-based information for my followers in an era where so much misinformation pops up all over TV shows, media, and the internet. Acai berries, anyone? (Sorry Dr. Oz.)  

My mission was really to dispel these medical myths. Patients often turn to what the medical community jokingly calls “Dr. Google” to search symptoms. Not everything leads to cancer and death. And Vitamin D doesn’t prevent cancer or cure fatigue, testosterone isn’t the answer to the fountain of youth. Acute bronchitis is viral, not bacterial. We reviewed the truth about why your doctor won’t prescribe you those antibiotics—hint, it’s not because they’re stingy. We talked about the truth about caffeine and weight loss drugs, why pink eye is overblown, why you should not keep your child home with lice, whether or not knee surgery is the right treatment, etc.

2. Review the Media’s Hot Medical Topics

To review the truth about hot topics in the media, we dissected new BP guidelines, Senator McCain’s recent glioblastoma diagnosis, the Zika virus, Ebola, the lyme disease and gluten hypes, medical marijuana pros/cons, Obamacare, the ACA repeal, and so much more.

3. Empower You, the Patient

To help you take charge of your health – we reviewed numerous topics to help you navigate your medical care. We discussed medical myths about doctors, why doctors are late and what we can all do about it, why doctors may seem cold, nine things you should know about your PCP, five types of doctors you didn’t know that you need, five reasons to skip the doctor’s office, how to choose between HMO vs PPO vs EPO plans, five things to never do at the doctor’s office, how to make the most of your doctor visits, symptoms no man should ignore, and symptoms any woman should ignore.

4. Provide Knowledge

Provide valuable information on various common medical topics so that you can have a strong foundation before you visit your doctor. We reviewed how to tell the difference between the common cold and flu viruses, how to keep from spreading/contracting them, sleep apnea, acid reflux, spinal stenosis, neck and low back pain, constipation in kids, leg cramps, how to be a healthy vegetarian, anal itching, fatty liver, top ten things all diabetics should know, how to interpret your cholesterol panel and various other lab results, causes of dizziness and fatigue, and how to know when is chest pain something else.

And honestly, so much more than I can recall. We have left very few stones unturned. And I’ve enjoyed every moment of this journey. I am so very grateful to all of you who have subscribed to my podcast, who have read my articles, who have supported me on social media, who have shared the information with others, who have emailed me topic suggestions and comments, and who have really been there with me along the way.

It’s time for a new story now. I hope that you will continue to follow me on the next path of this journey.

Stay healthy and take charge of your health…always. This isn't a goodbye, just a "see you soon."

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Sanaz Majd, MD

Dr. Sanaz Majd is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia. Her special interests are women's health and patient education.