Can we overcome our childhoods?

This week, we're dropping an episode of Curious State, a brand new podcast from Quick and Dirty Tips.

Nanika Coor, Psy. D.
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Hey listeners! It's Dr. Nanika Coor here. We're taking a break from your regularly scheduled Project Parenthood programming today and, instead, dropping an episode of a brand new podcast.

It's called Curious State, and it's all about discovering the unexpected gems of knowledge that exist all around us.

This episode features bestselling author and therapist Lori Gottlieb to help answer the question, Can we overcome our childhoods?

If you love this episode, you can find more Curious State on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever your get your podcasts.

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Nanika Coor, Psy. D.

Dr. Nanika Coor is a New York-based clinical psychologist and respectful parenting therapist. She helps overwhelmed parents hear a kinder inner voice and experience more mutually-respectful interactions with their children. Find out more about her work at www.brooklynparenttherapy.com.

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