9 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Foot Calluses and Corns

Want to know how you can get rid of foot calluses and corns naturally? Here are eight home remedies, from aloe to pineapple peels.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Can the Corns and Calluses

Painful corns and ugly calluses can put a cramp in your style, especially in the summer. Flatten them with this easy tip. All you need are bandages, petroleum jelly, and an emery board. Every night before you go to sleep rub a little petroleum jelly on the corn or callus and cover with a bandage. Then, in the morning, file gently with the emery board. Repeat the process every day until they’re gone, usually in about 10–14 days, and make sure not to use the emery board for any other purpose, like filing your nails.

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Surprising Use for Pineapple Peel

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s anything you can do with the peel of a pineapple (it seems so wasteful just to throw it away!), here’s a tip for you. Use it to treat your calluses! Tape a piece of peel to the callus, flesh-side down, and the enzymes will go to work at softening it, making it easier to rub away with a pumice stone. Now you can enjoy the taste of summer and get your feel sandal-ready at the same time.

Let Flax Flex Its Muscles

You might use flaxseed oil in your salads and other dishes as a way of incorporating the healthy anti-inflammatory into your diet, but did you know that it can also help soften a stubborn callus or corn? Before going to bed, soak a small clean cloth in some flaxseed oil and cover the callus or corn with it. Then cover that with a bandage overnight, so that the oil doesn’t soak through to your sheets. While you sleep the oil will go to work, and the callus or corn will be much easier to smooth with a pumice stone come morning.

Use Aloe Overnight

Another great overnight callus or corn treatment is aloe! This remedy works best with an aloe leaf, but you can also use 100 percent pure aloe gel. Cut a small piece from the plant, slice it open, and apply it flesh-side down to the callus. Cover with a bandage, and leave it until morning. Remove to reveal a soft, easy-to-file callus or corn!

Callus Be Gone!

Get rid of ugly, unwanted calluses by dabbing them with chest rub, then covering them with bandages and leaving overnight. Repeat this procedure several days in a row and your calluses will disappear. Believe or not, chest rub is also good for curing toenail fungus!

DIY Corn and Callus Pads

The corn and callus pads you can buy at the pharmacy are very effective at removing the stubborn buggers. However, if you’ve got aspirin in your medicine cabinet, you’ve already got the active ingredient in corn pads right there! It’s salicylic acid, and you can easily—and cheaply—make your own corn remover. Crush up a few aspirin tablets (a mortar and pestle is perfect for the job), then add a few drops of water and a few drops of lemon juice to make a paste. Apply the mixture to the corns and calluses, cover with a bandage or plastic wrap and elevate your feet, and wait 10–15 minutes before rinsing. You’ll be able to file the corn or callus much more easily, and you’ll have saved yourself a few bucks in the bargain. (Obviously give this treatment a pass if you’re allergic to aspirin.)

Corn Removal

To get rid of corns, you can use vinegar! Just soak a bandage in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the corn for a day or two. You can also try soaking your feet in a shallow pan of warm water with half a cup of vinegar. Either way, finish by rubbing the corn with a clean pumice stone or emery board.

Castor Oil for Calluses

When spring comes around, it’s time to start paying attention to those feet you’ve neglected all winter. To soften calluses and get your feet ready for sandal season, use an old-fashioned stand-by: castor oil. Before turning in for the night, rub castor oil into the problem spots on your feet, then cover with socks. Repeat nightly for a week to reveal soft, smooth skin.

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