How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Before you have to worry about getting rid of ingrown hairs, let's help you prevent them altogether. Read on for four tips for shaving and exfoliation to help prevent ingrown hairs. 

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Shave with the Grain

To prevent ingrown hairs, both men and women should shave in the direction of hair growth. For ladies who shave their legs, that means from the knee down to the ankle. For men who shave their faces, swipe down on the cheeks and beneath the jaw, and up along the neck. Take your time and look carefully to determine the best way to shave.

No Pulling!

When shaving, you might be tempted to pull and stretch your skin taut for an extra-close shave. But don’t! The just-cut hairs will retract back into the skin when it’s released from your grip, and they’ll likely grow into the skin rather than out of it.

Expert Exfoliation

Speaking of exfoliation, it’s the best way to get smooth, shiny, ultra-clean skin. It’s also a great help in preventing ingrown hairs, since the scrubbing removes grime and dead skin cells that can clog up your follicles. To exfoliate before you shave, simply rub the area with a dry cloth, loofah, or exfoliating gloves. Not only will you eliminate dirt, you’ll also gently pull hairs from their follicles for easier shaving.

Go Electric

If you don’t mind a not-so-close shave, consider using a straight electric razor. These gadgets trap hair beneath a foil screen before trimming, so newly cut hairs are less able to curl, reenter the skin, and become ingrown.

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