Millennials Are as Unhealthy as Their Parents — Here’s How to Fix It

Research has shown that millennials (aka, Generation Y) are just as unhealthy as their parents. Derek Flanzraich, founder and CEO of Greatist, wants to change that. here are his 7 tips to help millennials get (and stay) healthy.

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The results are in: Millennials are just as unhealthy as their parents. It’s a bummer, but it’s true. Studies continue to suggest this generation is actually less active, more obese, and more stressed than older generations.

But these numbers shouldn’t discourage millennials from getting serious about health and wellness. Instead, finding the motivation to take charge of their lives can help set a healthier standard for the future.

Good Signs for Millennials’ Health

Although health projections for millennials are discouraging, these statistics don’t tell the whole story. Several positive trends indicate this group is starting to understand healthy living:

  • Millennials’ desire for personal health information: 46% of millennials say they’d like as much quantifiable data about their health as possible and 54% are likely to purchase a body-analyzing device.

  • 7-Eleven’s healthy rebranding: Home to the iconic Slurpee, 7-Eleven recently announced that it’s rebranding to target “health-conscious millennials” by redesigning its stores and stocking its shelves with healthier options.

  • The growing popularity of health devices: Millennials use health and fitness apps more than other age groups.

  • A changing definition of “healthy”: While many baby boomers define “being healthy” as receiving regular checkups, 24% of millennials define being healthy as having good eating habits, and 22% define it as engaging in regular physical activity.

How Millennials Can Get Healthy

As definitions of health shift toward an emphasis on behavior, millennials need to find the motivation to transform these ideas into permanent lifestyle changes.

If you’re a millennial (or know one) who wants to get serious about health before it’s too late, consider these tips for a lasting healthy lifestyle: