More Cold Prevention Tips

More ways to catch fewer colds this year.

Monica Reinagel, M.S.,L.D./N
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Episode #16

Keeping your home clean is another great way to avoid coming into contact with germs.  The kitchen sink, in particular, should be getting plenty of love and care.

And if, despite all this good advice, you do end up coming down with a cold, give yourself a couple of days off. Diva’s orders! Staying home and taking care of yourself for a day or two when your symptoms are at their worst will help you feel better sooner. You’ll also be less likely to spread your cold to others and this helps everyone—including you. What doesn’t go around doesn’t come back around.  You can also find tips on beating a cold over on The House Call Doctor's page.


This is Monica Reinagel, the Nutrition Diva, with your quick and dirty tips for eating well and feeling fabulous. 

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