Do Vibration Platforms Work for Fat Loss?

Do those vibration platforms commonly found at fancy health clubs actually work for fat loss? Get-Fit Guy looks at the research. 

Ben Greenfield
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Do Vibration Platforms Work?If you’ve ever been in a fancy health club or sports performance facility, you're probably seen vibration platforms on the gym floor. These are platforms on which you can stand, perform push-ups, squat, or do any of the other exercises I discuss in the article “How to Double Your Calorie Burn.” But do vibration platforms actually work for fat loss?

In that same article, I describe how doing an exercise like a body weight squat after you stand on a vibration platform can indeed significantly increase your metabolism—by enhancing your fat burning and muscle building results. It turns out that while doing additional research, I just came across another study that supports that finding!

In this study, researchers noted that three minutes of doing calf raises on a vibration training platform causes a 60% increase in the consumption of ATP (your body’s energy currency) as compared to doing calf raises without vibration. 

Of course, if you don’t have access to a vibration platform, there are certainly alternatives to shake up your body similarly, including

  • jumping on a trampoline or mini trampoline as part of your workout,
  • trying Tai Chi shaking exercises in between other exercises like push-ups and squats,
  • doing jumping jacks, or jumping up and down in place when you take a break from sitting at your desk, or 
  • using wobble boards, bosu balls, foam rollers, and other balance devices to present your body with an unstable surface, especially during your workout, such as when you’re resting between sets.

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