6 Ways to Find Time for Yourself This Summer

Summer should be full of carefree, relaxed moments for the entire family, including mom and dad. Here are 6 ways to find a little “me time” each day, even when the kids are home on vacation.

Cheryl Butler
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finetimeforyourselfthissummerTip #5: Early Arrival

Another way you can sneak 15 or so extra minutes into your day is by arriving 15-30 minutes early to any appointment you might have.

Then use this time for you - reading magazines, journaling, enjoying an adult coloring book, brainstorming new recipes you’d like to try, or day dreaming about a home decorating makeover. And if your appointment wants to take you ahead of schedule, that’s great, too - you’ll gain that same time on the back end, and you’ll be free sooner.

Tip #6: Master the Power Nap

One of my favorite tips from our pediatrician was her suggestion to take power naps. In case you aren’t familiar with the term, "a power nap is defined as a short nap during the day of about 20-30 minutes duration," says Dr. William Deardorff, Medical Advisor for Spine-health.com. "This results in a winding down of activity in the brain's prefrontal cortex. The short duration of a power nap prevents your brain from entering slow-wave (deeper) sleep."

"Power naps have recently been studied more extensively by researchers and found to yield many benefits, such as a boost in productivity at work, lower stress, improved ability to concentrate, and enhanced mood," continues Dr. Deardorff. "Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found that with a nap, brain activity stays high throughout the day; but without a nap, brain activity declines over the course of a day."

So if you can find 20 minutes in your busy afternoon to indulge in a power nap, you’ll not only be getting some quality time to yourself, but you will also be doing something very healthy for your body. Not to mention it’s a great tool to teach your kids!  See Also:  5 Ways to Help Your Family Sleep Better

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