What Are Fibroids?

Learn what uterine fibroids are and why women should know about how to control them.

Sanaz Majd, MD,

It’s also important to note that in women over the age of 35 who report significant vaginal bleeding (whether it’s heavier bleeding, longer periods, more frequent periods, or spotting in between periods), an endometrial biopsy may be required to rule out more serious, although rarer, causes of vaginal bleeding, like endometrial cancer.

Fran ended up opting for the hormonal contraceptive method of bleeding control with the five year hormonal intrauterine device.  This device tends to lighten or completely halt vaginal bleeding after about six months of use.  Fran says she felt so much better once her periods lightened and her anemia improved.

Please note that all content here is strictly for informational purposes only.  This content does not substitute any medical advice, and does not replace any medical judgment or reasoning by your own personal health provider.  Please always seek a licensed physician in your area regarding all health related questions and issues.

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