8 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Shiny and New

If you want to clean a dirty car, here are 8 car cleaning tips from interior detailing to removing tar from its exterior to keep your car looking new. 
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8 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Shiny and New

Tar Remover

It’s easy to remove tar from your car’s exterior. Make a paste of baking soda and water, then apply it to the tar with a soft cloth. Let it dry, then rinse off with warm water.

Substitute for Car Wax

After washing your car, give it a second round just like you would your head—with hair conditioner! You might think we’re crazy, but applying conditioner, leaving for five minutes, and then rinsing it off will give your car a just-waxed shine. As an added bonus, it will more effectively repel water!

De-Rust Your Bumper

Scrub the rusted area with a shiny piece of crumpled aluminum foil that has been dipped in cola.

How to Get Bumper Stickers Off

Get those old bumper stickers off and bring your car up-to-date. Rub cold cream on the stickers and wait 10 minutes. Then say goodbye to your former favorite candidate and peel the bumper stickers right off.

DIY Chrome Polish

It’s as simple as vinegar. Apply directly on chrome with a rag for a quick, simple shine.

Wheel Washer

Cleaning hubcaps and wheel covers can take “getting your hands dirty” to another level. Ditch the elbow grease by sticking these tire parts in the dishwasher instead (but do not place actual dishes in the same load!). Turn the machine to the pots-and-pans wash cycle to get your wheels sparkling clean.

Clean Car Glass with Cornstarch

To clean dirty windows or your car’s windshield, mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with about half a gallon of warm water, apply to the windows, and dry with a soft cloth. It’s amazing how quickly the dirt is removed—and no streaking, either!

Organize Your Paperwork

While you’re washing your car… don’t forget about all the paper that ends up inside—registration and insurance info as well as maps, scribbled directions, and more. We like to keep a small accordion file in our glove compartment to prevent those moments where we’re on our hands and knees looking under the seats.

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