9 Clever Ways to Fill a Blank Wall on a Tiny Budget

There are few things in the world more uninspiring than a large, blank wall. That's why Hometalk has 9 awesome ideas for how you can fill those empty walls on an easy budget!

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No matter how hard you work arranging the right furniture and styling the perfect coffee table, a blank wall can really put a dent in your home design. Instead of spending a mini-fortune on a giant work of art, however, DIY your own classy wall fillers on an itty-bitty budget. These genius ideas to fill a blank wall are simple to do and well within your budget. Get ready to make your own wall decor that's sure to steal the show!

Tip #1: Oversized Sheet Music

Photo via Lauren @Bless'er House

If you haven't been introduced to engineer prints yet, allow us to do the honors. Engineer prints are large scale, inexpensive prints that you can get at your local office supply store. After you've got your gigantic graphic (this one was just $3), simply add a sturdy, hangable back using scrap wood or another stiff budget material. Frame your piece with thin furring strips, or choose to leave it as is, and enjoy the pop of pretty it gives to your blank space.

Tip #2: Wood Slice Wall Art

Photo via Katie @Upcycled Treasures

After last season's storms, you've probably come across a couple of fallen branches during your springtime yard cleaning. Instead of adding those to the clippings pile, cut a couple slices, and give them an interesting design using paint for a textured wall decoration. This unique decor idea is a fabulous and free way to upcycle natural materials with an artistic flourish!

Tip #3: Bold Fabric Accents

Photo via Katie @Wanderer's Palace

Choose an assortment of your favorite fabric patterns and colors for this easy wall-filling DIY that's perfect for adding some interest to nooks and bookshelves. Simply cut the fabric pieces to size, and pin them into place for an affordable and eye-catching way to dress up your naked walls.

Tip #4: MDF Abstract Piece

Photo via Jen @City Farmhouse

Repurpose any large surface you have—whether it's a cabinet door, an old headboard, or an extra piece of MDF—by turning it into a canvas for your abstract masterpiece. Once you give it a base coat of white paint, no one will be able to tell that it's not the real thing, and you'll have a ready-made canvas, absolutely free! Try this abstract art idea to get the high-end look, without the gallery price tag.


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