4 Second Uses for Household Objects

At Who Knew?, we love re-using items around the house—it means less waste in the landfill and fewer products you have to buy that do the exact same job as something you already have on-hand. Here are a few you might not know about.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
Episode #023

Second Uses for Household Items

Bubble Wrap

Have leftover bubble wrap? Use it to line your vegetable drawers! It allows cold air to circulate underneath your veggies (keeping them fresher), and if the drawer gets dirty, you can simply throw away the wrap and start over. Check out our other ingenious uses for bubble wrap!


Hate to get rid of old candles? Place a tea light in an old candle to reuse a beautiful candle you’ve burned down. Or, use old white candles to keep your shower cleaner or waterproof items by rubbing the wax over clean grout or anything you need waterproofed. You can even use it to prevent squeaky hinges! There’s much more you can do with used candles: Check out these used candle hacks, including how to make wax discs for your candle warmer.


Toothpaste can be used for so many household applications, there’s no need to buy brass and copper cleaner, pimple and burn cream, or even traps for mice. Find out everything toothpaste can do!

Hand Sanitizer

Did you know hand sanitizer can be used in lieu of deodorant, will weaken the adhesive on pesky stickers that won’t come out, and more? Here are our surprising second uses for hand sanitizer.

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