7 Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Counter Space

Find some extra counter space in your kitchen with these 7 helpful, chic storage solutions from the bloggers of Hometalk.com.

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Whether you're preparing dinner, laying dishes out to dry, or just trying to find someplace to jot down a note, there never seems to be enough countertop to go around.

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Like they say, less is more, especially when it comes to countertop decor and organization. Give yourself some extra space with these 7 helpful and chic storage ideas:

Tip #1: Whatever Can Be Hung Up, Should Be Hung Up

Photo via Angie @Knick of Time

Counter space can be cutely decorated, but decoration and space-saving can go hand in hand if you can just manage to to keep everything that doesn't need to be on your counter off of it. Knife magnets or utensil holders, like this great tin can DIY, are great ways to decorate your kitchen and have your tools handy, but keep your workspace open and ready to go.

Tip #2: Containers Are a Must

Photo via Rachel @Wildflower Creative

Keep bits and pieces from ending up sprawled across your countertop by having individual containers for all of your kitchen needs. Tea bag canisters, sugar jars, recipe drawers - keep everything right where you need it and safely stowed in fun containers that can add to your organization and your decor.

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Tip #3: Add Layers

Photo via Amy @Stow and Tell U

Layers and levels are key in kitchen organization and space-saving. Add shelves to the back wall of counters or over your sink, for more storage space and out-of-the-way decor. Shelves are an excellent way to highlight design and not lose your decor style, while freeing up necessary counter space.

Tip #4: Trays Aren't Just for Breakfast in Bed

Photo via Jenna @Rain on a Tin Roof

Like shelves, trays are a great way of grouping things together decoratively, but keeping them mostly out of your way when you're working. Trays can even create little stations around your kitchen, like a beverage corner, a cleaning supply spot, or any other station that would help your kitchen in function and design. 

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Tip #5: Be Creative with Storage Space

Photo via Jamie @C.R.A.F.T.

Just because you're keeping your countertop clean, doesn't mean you're down to cabinets and shelves - with the right imagination and tools, anything can be storage space, from self-assembled stylish industrial shelving, to an ingeniously repurposed shutter, like this beautiful and bright kitchen wall storage piece.

Tip #6: Appliances Can Be Space Savers

Photo via Andrea @Decorating Cents

If you have the option, a great way to free up counter space is to build appliances or appliance storage into your kitchen layout. A microwave set into the cabinet or wall, or a pull out shelf for a mixer, are great ways to keep your appliances on hand and still give yourself much-needed room in the kitchen.

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Tip #7: Dish Racks Can Rock

Photo via Liz @Hoosier Homemade

Damp towels or drying dishes take up a ton of much-needed space. Get rid of towels lounging around your countertops and slowly drying dishes by giving them their own special space in your kitchen. A rack over your sink or under your cabinets is a great place to let dishes drip-dry, while the inside of a cabinet door provides ample hook space for hanging hand towels.

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