8 Temporary Kitchen Updates to Personalize Your Cooking Space

Want a couple quick, temporary ways to dress up your kitchen? These 8 ideas from Hometalk will make a splash without leaving a mess!

June 10, 2015

Whether you're a renter, you're on a budget, or you're just a fan of switching up your decor seasonally, these kitchen updates will give you just the right amount of personalized POP without changing your space permanently. And not only are these fresh ideas temporary and easy to do, they're totally budget friendly!

Tip #1: Create a faux subway tile backsplash


Photo via Lindsay @Shrimp Salad Circus

You don't have to actually tile your backsplash to get the look—instead, give your backsplash painted grey grout lines, using painter's tape. It's easy to cover your faux tiles with a fresh coat of white paint when you're moving or want a different look. If painting is completely off the table, just create your grout lines with thin grey washi tape or electrical tape.

Tip #2: Add a new look to your cabinets


Photo via Dawn @Dawn Nicole Designs

Contact paper is the ultimate cabinet upgrade tool, especially if you want to add a little function to your design. Use chalkboard contact paper to turn a cabinet door into a useful spot for menus, shopping lists, messages, and more!\

Tip #3: Give open shelves a pretty highlight


Photo via Sandra @Simple Is Pretty

Everyone loves open shelving, but if your shelves, or the wall behind, aren't entirely in your taste, here's an easy fix: just cut a piece of wrapping paper or wallpaper to fit the space behind your shelves. If your paper is too flimsy, cut a piece of foam core or cardboard to the correct size and then cover it in your decorative paper.

Tip #4: Cover your countertops


Photo via Megan @Rental Revival

Your first step in making over your countertops is cleaning thoroughly—you don't want to seal in any food or moisture with your new layer. Then, using patterned contact paper, cover your countertops carefully. Once everything is in place, use clear caulk along the edges to really secure it in place. Caulk can be peeled off when you're ready for a change.

Tip #5: Go vertical for storage


Photo via Isabelle @Engineer Your Space

Got space above your cabinets? Don't let it go to waste. For stylish storage, cover sturdy cardboard boxes in paper or fabric. This handy trick will hide those homeless appliances and holiday dishes in a sleek, uniform look that will also fill up the unattractive empty space.

Tip #6: Make your own easy drawer dividers


Photo via Deneen @Dreaming in Color

If your drawers don't come with easy dividers, skip the trip to the store and make your own for free! Cut a piece of foam core or paint stirrers to size, and then simply glue them into the ideal shape and structure for your utensils and dinnerware.

Tip #7: Use tension rods for organization


Photo via Isabelle @Engineer Your Space

Kitchens always seem to need more organization, whether it's space to hang your damp towels, a hook for oven mitts, or a convenient spot for sponges and brushes. Tension rods are storage superheroes, and they can give you all of that on the cheap! Simply stick one above your sink and have all the easy access storage you need.

Tip #8: Decorate with large engineering prints


Photo via Megan @Rhapsody in Rooms

Give your kitchen an instant splash of style, by decorating blank walls with large engineering prints. Printing your own is inexpensive, and because they're so light, you can hang them using removable command hooks. If you're looking to add to your decor, this dramatic look works for any room in your home.

For more renter-friendly budget decor ideas, check out the Urban Living page on Hometalk!

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