8 Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and to ensure that you have the best tablescape in town—perfect for impressing your guests and wowing your visitors—you need these brilliant ideas from creative Hometalk bloggers.

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Tip #5: Turn Cheap Glass Candlesticks into Metallic Accents

Project via Kim @Hunt & Host

Everyone has a couple of these boring glass stemmed candlesticks lying around, and if you don't, any thrift store or Dollar Store will have plenty for the picking. Give yours a sparkling new spray of silver paint, to create instant classy candleholders to bring out the shimmer in your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Tip #6: Use Wooden Boards as a Rustic Runner

Project via Kimm @Reinvented

It's time to take your decor to center stage! Highlight all your gorgeous new tablescape details by setting them on this pretty raised runner made from reclaimed wooden boards. All it takes is a bit of paint, and your table is ready to shine with rustic, farmhouse-style flare.

Tip #7: Give Your Pumpkins a Pretty Copper Top

Project via Kim @Make in a Day

One of this year's favorite metallic hues, copper is the perfect shade to accent your vibrant fall decor and to set off the bright orange bottoms of your pumpkins. Imagine setting these bright beauties in front of each guest's seat - talk about Thanksgiving pumpkin power!

Tip #8: Create a Welcoming Sign from Thrift Store Baskets

Project via Sara @Shabby Grace

Thrift store baskets have always been a favorite for DIYing fun, but there's no way to welcome your Thanksgiving guests like this big-impact vertical sign. It's easy to make, is sure to impress your visitors, and it can be left up all season long.

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