How to Make Easy DIY Noisemakers

Looking to make some noise? These noisemakers that you can make yourself are perfect for New Year’s eve, but are also great for football games and other occasions! And most can be made with items you already have around the house.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Easy DIY Noisemakers

How to Make a DIY Party Horn

A cardboard tube and some wax paper is all you really need to make a horn as a New Year’s noisemaker! A leftover paper towel tube, toilet paper tube, or wax paper roll will do the trick—use whichever you have on hand. Place a piece of wax paper over one end of the tube, and secure it in place with a rubber band or tape. If you like, make your horn extra-festive by covering it in wrapping paper. Use scissors or a knife to poke a few small holes (about an inch apart) at the covered end of the tube. Glue tissue-paper fringe around the end of the horn. Finally, when party time comes, blow your horn while covering the holes with your fingers.

Easy Way to Make Some Noise

These noisemakers are a surefire party-starter. Clean and dry empty water bottles, then fill them with coins, marbles, or beads. Twist the caps back on (tightly!) or glue them shut. Decorate the bottles with glued-on streamers, glitter, or paint. If they’re for a football game or other event, do them in the colors of your team!

The Oldest Way in the Book

One of the most fun ways to make some noise at midnight on New Year’s might be one of the most old fashioned: pans and wooden spoons! Smack the spoon on the bottom of the pan and it’s one of the loudest things you’ll ever hear. (Kids especially like it.)

At the Stroke of Midnight...

This noisemaker is also a New Year’s decoration: gather all the devices you use to tell time—stopwatches, alarm clocks, calendars, pocket planners, even the little hourglasses from board games—and place them on a metal tray next to the champagne bowl. Set anything for an alarm to midnight, and the metal tray will amplify the noise!

Balloon Poppers

Popping balloons is a fun (adult) way to make noise on New Year’s—just grab a sharp pin or needle and get popping! It’s loud and satisfying. Make it classy, though, by making the balloons into garlands beforehand. And believe it or not, you’re going to need that needle! Using fishing line (or thread), run the needle through the tied-off ends of the balloons as close to the knot as possible. Then tie them up so they’re ready for midnight.

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