How to Have a Successful Camping Trip

Are you heading to the great outdoors? Before gathering your gear, make sure to check out these tips from the Domestic CEO on what to bring, how to pack, and what to do for the most successful camping adventure.

Amanda Thomas
6-minute read
Episode #118

Let There Be Light

Bring lots of light sources with you--nighttime in the woods is very, very dark! Bring a few lanterns, either battery-powered or propane, but never use propane lanterns in a tent. I also suggest bringing one flashlight for each camper--it’s no fun to grope around in the dark for the only flashlight when you’ve got to go to the bathroom quickly. A headlamp is also handy for navigating around the campsite in the dark.

Just Do Something

Be sure to bring different sources of entertainment along on your camping trip. A deck of cards or card games like Uno or Skip-bo provide lots of fun, without taking up much precious packing space. If you are camping with kids, create a nature scavenger hunt and bring bags along for them to collect their findings.

Reading is an all-time favorite pastime on camping trips, too. I recommend taking along a real book, not an e-reader. Allow yourself to escape from technology for a couple days!

Learn from Your Mistakes

Create a camping checklist that includes everything you need to bring with you. And then, when you are camping, make a running list of things that you wish you had along. Add those items to your list for the next trip.

If you go camping with other family or friends, evaluate what equipment they use and decide if it would be beneficial for you. We have friends that literally bring a kitchen sink with them. That’s not our style, but we also recently camped with friends who brought a card table with them. Since we ended up at a campsite that didn’t have picnic tables, it was sure handy to have that table along.

Try renting or borrowing equipment before you make a purchase. You may find that the 4-burner camp stove looks nice, but it may be more than you actually need, so try before you buy as often as you can.

So those are my tried and true camping tips. Do you have more camping tips that I haven’t thought of? If so, please share them with me on my Facebook page or leave a comment here.

Until next time, I'm the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home (and the outdoors!)..

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