5 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Create a beautiful decorative tabletop with these 5 quick and easy ideas from Domestic CEO.

Amanda Thomas
3-minute read

So, you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. You’ve got your menu all planned out, right down to the perfect cooking timeline; the china and silver are cleaned and polished; your guest list is complete. You are ready...but...wait - the center of the table is empty!

It's easy to forget about decorating the center of the table. Sure, the turkey will be there, but if you are like a lot of families, you will be serving the dishes buffet-style - so the table will be the center of attention.

Here are a 5 quick and easy tablescape ideas that will look impressive, but will take very little time to throw together:

Idea #1: City Meets Country

For an interesting  juxtaposition on your table, try this glamour-meets-burlap centerpiece:

  • Cover the table with a simple white tablecloth
  • Add a 12-inch wide strip of burlap as a runner lengthwise down the center of the table
  • Use gold-painted or gold-flecked pumpkins (buy them or do it yourself with cheap craft pumpkins and spray paint), and scatter them along the runner
  • Add small gold votive candle holders amongst the pumpkins
  • Scatter pinecones around the pumpkins. Done!

Idea #2: Simple Yet Elegant

This option only requires a few items, but makes quite a statement:

  • Cover your table with a simple, solid-colored tablecloth; go for something subdued – not a bright color. White works well here, too
  • Gather tall, clear glass vases. Nothing with decoration - the simpler the better
  • Fill each vase ¾ full with acorns or tiny pinecones
  • Add 1 large spider mum (or whatever larger flower you prefer) to each vase
  • Center the vases on the table at various heights, or run 1 long straight line of vases down the center of the table

Idea #3: Thankful for Pantry Staples

For this option, simply raid your pantry for the majority of the items needed:

  • Gather multiple large, clear glass vases or jars - the larger the better
  • Fill each vase with a pantry item, about ½ full, Use things like uncooked white beans, green split peas, lentils, rice or bay leaves. Use foods that look basic and organic
  • Next, plant a large, chunky white candle into each vase
  • Run these candleholders down the center of the table, or gather them in a haphazard grouping in the center
  • Light the candles, and enjoy!