7 Clever Kid Party Food Ideas

Party time! But do you have any ideas for the food? Look no further than these party tips from cupcakes to piñatas.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,


Piece of Cake!

If you’re throwing your child a birthday party, opt for cupcakes rather than a large cake. That way, you’ll save on forks, plates and clean-up! (Just serve on napkins.)

The Perfect Candle Holder for Kids’ Cakes

Life Savers are an excellent accent for your child’s birthday cake. Not only do kids enjoy sucking on them, but they are perfect for holding candles! Use the regular size (not the jumbo kind that come individually wrapped in bags), put them on top of the cake, and then insert the candle in the middle. The candy will hold the candle straighter and is easily disposed of if wax drips on it.

Sundae Fun

Repurpose a plastic ice cube tray by making it into a killer sundae station. Use the various compartments for nuts, crushed cookies, candy, and other toppings, then serve with ice cream and let the kids make their own sundaes. (Don’t be surprised if they dump everything on top.)

Get Jiggle with It

We love making Jell-O Jigglers for kids’ party snacks—they’re easy, sweet, and fun to eat. The best part? Jell-O pieces can take so many different forms! For your next batch, use your child’s Duplos or Mega Bloks as molds (just be sure to wash them first!). Kids will love their edible “toys”!

Hold Your Cake and Eat It Too

Little kids usually end up eating cake with their hands anyway, so try this fun dessert treat: Place flat-bottomed ice cream cones in a high-sided baking pan and fill them two-thirds full with cake batter. Bake them at 325°F for 30 minutes, and once they cool you can hold your cake and eat it, too!

Pristine Popsicle Lickers

Keep popsicles drip-free this summer with the help of a paper cupcake liner. Just poke the bottom of the stick through the liner and it will catch drips as they happen!

All’s Fair in Love and Piñatas

When it comes to piñatas, the spoils go to the bullies, but not if you separate the candies and prizes into Ziploc bags for each guest before stuffing them inside the paper-mâché animal. The kids will still get a rush of excitement when the piñata drops, but the game won’t dissolve into an “Are we having fun yet?” moment when they start fighting over Tootsie Rolls and Milky Ways. 

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