10 Under-the-Radar Instagram Accounts for Foodies

Looking for a place to grab dinner, a recipe to cook, or just some #foodporn? You might be as likely to check your Instagram feed as you are to ask a friend or take a stroll around the block. Instagram’s 1080 pixel photographs, accompanied by captions and comments, offer a more informal, streamlined, millennial-friendly means of discovering and evaluating options to satiate your stomach or eyes.

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Why restrict yourself to the busiest thoroughfares of the Instaworld when you could explore a more untrodden—or unfollowed—trail? One of the beauties of Instagram, as a social media platform, is that anyone can post anything. And good content can come from anyone. Here are 10 relatively undiscovered accounts (with fewer than 10,000 followers) worth checking out.

1. meltmobile


A cheesy good #humpday. @meltmobile #grilledcheese #heystamford #stamford #ctbites #cteats #forkyeah #feastagram #foodtruck #spoonfeed

A photo posted by Rachel Gorin (@rgorin) on

Bio: “Melt Mobile/Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck specializing in creative, comforting sandwiches made with local artisanal breads and imported and local cheeses/bit.ly/2aaGvCk

Content: Grilled sandwiches ranging from the Meatball 3 Cheese Squeeze (Diana’s meatballs in marinara, fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano, parmigiano reggiano and fresh basil on tuscan bread) to The Fluffernutter (caramelized bananas, marshmallow fluff, belgian chocolate, and peanut butter on crunchy tuscan bread dusted with powdered sugar).

2. vegan.vibrations


A photo posted by Whitney (@vegan.vibrations) on

Bio: “Whitney/21 year old vegan gardener from California/Discovering compassion, health, and minimalism through a plant based diet”

Content: A variety of food and recipe ideas to appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike, including mason jar smoothies, burrito bowls, and sushi.

3. 365daysofminimelunchbox

Bio: “Mother, daughter of 6, being creative, hair and make up artist, Amsterdam, www.victoriaderanitz.com, love to make bento boxes. good food! www.facebook.com/creativelunchbox

Content: A variety of lunch boxes and lunches featuring holiday-appropriate, characterized snacks and crustless sandwiches.

4. seemarajramanuj


A photo posted by Seema Raj (@seemarajramanuj) on

Bio: “Seema Raj/www.thesimplelondoner.blogspot.co.uk

Content: If you’re looking for not only #foodporn but also #yolkporn, this blog is eggcellent. (And if you didn’t realize that #yolkporn was a thing until now, you’re not alone. Catch a glimpse above.) Along with eggs, an interesting scramble of Indian food, pizza, cupcakes, and more.

5. cheekyeats

Bio: “Chicago Food w| a Side of Sass/Captions (all in good taste)/#CheekyEats/BossyBacon/CheekyEatsChicago@gmail.com

Content: Captions “in good taste,” food pictures in better taste. Indulgent Chi-Town treats ranging from poutine to burgers, topped with occasionally raunchy captions detailing the eatery that made it, delivery method, location of consumption and/or who it was eaten in the company of.


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