6 Amazing Grocery Bargains During the Holidays

Love bargains? November and December are the perfect time to fill your pantry and freezer.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #182

November and December are great months for so many reasons. The holiday season means that many of us get to see friends and family we haven’t seen for months. We are filled with holiday anticipation. But did you know that the holidays are a great time to also fill our kitchens with amazing bargains from the grocery store?

I recently took a trip to a local Fry’s Grocery, a Kroger brand store, and looked through their sale items. These are the same items that go on sale every year before Thanksgiving and continue to rotate being on sale until after Christmas. Some of these items are at ridiculous discounts compared to other times of the year, so if you have some extra money in your grocery budget, and extra room in your pantry and freezer, you can stock up with big savings!

If you use coupons, the savings I’m going to tell you about are just the beginning. Many of the items on this list also provide coupons in the Sunday newspapers and online during this time of the year. You can get additional money off these purchases, making them super inexpensive, by grabbing a couple newspapers each week and clipping a few good coupons.

Here are six of the biggest bargains during the holiday season:

1.) Butter

Butter isn’t cheap. I absolutely HATE when I run out of butter and have to buy butter at normal price. If you can see in this picture, the normal price for Land O’Lakes Butter is $6.49 per 1 lb package. While store brand butter is often less, at normal price it’s still around $4 per pound. But during the holidays, all that changes.

Kroger stores often run sales when you buy multiples of items. On the day I went to the store, they were running their “$5 off when you buy 10,” sale. This means, when you buy at least 10 of the items in the store marked with the tag, you get $.50 off each item. So this butter that’s already on sale for $2.49 becomes $1.99 per pound. A little quick math shows that the $4.50 you save on each package is almost 70% off the normal price. Oh, and with a name brand like Land O’Lakes, you just might find one of those handy coupons to knock off even more from you bill!

2.) Broth

I use broth all year round, so I always try and stock up during the holidays when the good stuff is much cheaper. The Swanson Chicken Broth in this picture is again part of Kroger’s $5 Off 10 Items sale, so those cans of yummy broth are only $.49 each. Compared to their normal price tag of $1.29, this is a 62% savings, and makes them cheaper than the store brand cans of broth. It also makes the cans cheaper per ounce than the bigger boxes and cans of broth. All in all, if you have the space to store a case or two of broth, you can be stocked for a year’s worth of soups for not a lot of cash.

Oh, and with the $.50 off two cans coupon I found on the Kroger website, that would actually make each can $.24. Seriously, you can’t beat that price!

3.) Meats

During the holidays, the meat section of the grocery store starts carrying special holiday meats, like turkeys, hams, and roasts, and most of them go on sale big time. While these aren’t meats most of us eat every day, they are great to stock up on to use throughout the year because their per pound price drops so low. Most stores run sales on the holiday meats, offering deep discounts if you spend a certain dollar amount in the store on other items. What those discounts will be this year is yet to be determined, but keep an eye out and grab a couple extra to store in your freezer.

Roasting a turkey in the middle of summer may seem a little strange, but you can get a lot of shredded turkey to use in soups and salads throughout the summer and fall. Just cook the bird, then carve all the usable meat off and store in plastic bags in the freezer. The same thing can be done with ham, which is usually very expensive per pound from the deli and butcher. During the holidays, you can buy large bone-in hams, then cut it up to use for casseroles, sandwiches, and soups throughout the year.

My guilty pleasure to stock up on during the holiday season is actually smoked sausage. I have a bunch of these Hillshire Farms sausages in my freezer right now. I can’t justify buying them when they cost $6.99 each, but when they go on sale for $2.99 and then an additional $.50 off with the promotion, I love buying enough to make cabbage soup and Cajun beans through the entire winter.