6 Clever Tips for the Perfect Picnic

Beautiful day for a picnic in the park? Well, don't picnic like an amateur—here are 6 great tips, from DIY platters to weighting down blankets, to help you execute the perfect picnic. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
July 12, 2017


Makeshift Platter

If you’re looking for a platter for devilled eggs, brownies, or other picnic items, simply cover a piece of corrugated cardboard with aluminum foil (dull side up), then throw it away when you’re finished!

Frisbee Reinforcement

Having a barbecue? Super-power your paper plates by placing a Frisbee underneath them. Or cover your Frisbee with foil and it’s perfect for serving food right off the grill.

On-the-Fly Picnic Blanket

If you have four or more beach towels that are getting too old to use at the pool, turn them into a giant, use-anywhere blanket for picnics, outdoor concerts, or family events. Just sew the edges of the towels together, and you’re done! Then bundle up your on-the-fly blanket and stick it in the trunk.

Tip for a Blustery Day

Here’s a great use for old keys: Use some thread or yarn to sew them to the corners of your beach and picnic blanket. It will help it stay put once you’ve laid it on the ground, even on the windiest of days.

Perk Up Your Tabletops

Linoleum or vinyl floor tiles are excellent for covering picnic tabletops. You can also use linoleum on kitchen shelves, instead of contact paper. It will last longer and is easier to keep clean.

Weighting Tables

Don’t let a little wind spoil your picnic. Keep your tablecloth on the table with the help of some non-skid shelf liners. Lay them out in strips at the corners of the table and the tablecloth will stay put!

Picnic Pleaser

When going on a picnic, bring a roll of duct tape. Use the tape to tape the sides of the tablecloth to the picnic table, and you won’t have to worry about it blowing away.

Picnic Pointer

Keep your picnic tablecloth in place on windy days by using clothespins: Hot glue one clothespin underneath each corner of the table. Clip the ends of the tablecloth into the pins, and those wind gusts will be no match for your party!

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Photo by Who Knew?

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