6 Tips to Use Apples in Sweet and Savory Dishes

Amy Traverso is the senior lifestyle editor forYankee magazine and the author of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook. She’s joining us to talk about one of the Clever Cookstr's favorite seasonal ingredients for fall: apples!

Kara Rota,
Episode #072

In The Apple Lover's Cookbook, Amy Traverso uses apples in sweet, savory, and creative ways. Here are a few of her tips and tricks for this seasonal fruit:

1) If you think beyond pie and beyond sweet apples like Honeycrisp, apples have a tartness that works well in rich and savory dishes, much like lemon. Brisket braised in hard cider with tart green apples works surprisingly well.

2) The healthy reputation of apples is well-deserved. They're rich in soluble fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. They're also very filling. Buy organic apples and eat the skin for maximum nutritional impact.

3) Know your varieties! An apple like McIntosh will make a sweet pie, but the filling will be softer than a pie made with Granny Smith, Northern Spy, or Pink Lady, all of which hold up better under heat and lead to a firmer pie slice. Think about cook time when choosing apple varieties: hardier apples can cook longer. More tender apples should be eaten out of hand, used in salad, or used in quick-cooking pancakes and muffins.

4) Head to a farmers market or orchard and pick up as many different types of apples as you can find. Combining varieties is a great idea—apple flavors run the gamut from lemon to berry, and using different types in a pie or crisp makes for greater depth of flavor.

5) When serving apples fresh, as in a salad, use varieties like Cortland, Fuji, and Gala that don't brown as quickly. 

6) When making baked apples, use apples like Jazz and Pink Lady: they hold their shape well, and the skin tends to hold its color well under heat, so your finished dish will be rosy and beautiful.

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