18 Tips to Get Ready for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! Whether you can’t believe it’s already time or you’ve been waiting all year, here are 18 hacks to help you get ready!

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What to know when buying your holiday tree

Opting for a beautiful live tree this year? If you’re getting a pre-cut tree, make sure you test its freshness before you buy it—you never know how long it’s been sitting in the lot exposed to the elements. Try these quick tests to find the freshest tree possible:

  • The branch test: Grab a branch firmly between your fingers and gently pull it toward you, then let it go. If lots of needles shake off the tree, it’s not fresh enough; if only a few needles fall, the tree is probably still in decent shape.
  • The fragrance test: Snap a needle in your fingers and give it good whiff—the needle should be moist and deliciously pine-scented. If you don’t get a pungent dose of pine, the tree is likely drying out.

Inexpensive tree food

Did you know that sugar works as a tree food? Simply add some to the water each time you water your tree.

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Humidifier for a healthy tree

The heating system in your home can dry out your tree, dulling its color and piney fresh scent. To give your tree a healthy boost of moisture, place a humidifier in the room to counteract the drying heat—it’ll stay fresh, and you can soak up the holiday spirit as long as possible.

Easy way to water your holiday tree

If you have trouble getting a watering can to reach underneath the lowest bows of your holiday tree, throw several ice cubes into the base each day to easily keep it watered.

Free tree stand

Instead of buying a stand for your tree, simply fill a bucket with sand. You can still water it, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of re-adjusting the stand so the tree isn’t crooked.

Cat danger

Cat lovers, beware! When it’s time to trim the tree, never use tinsel if you have a pet kitty. Cats love to play with tinsel and eat it, and it can be deadly if it gets stuck in their digestive system.

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Popcorn garland tip

Making a popcorn garland for the holidays? Use dental floss! It’s stronger than regular string, and less likely to break when you wrap it around the tree.

Save energy this season

Did you know that one strand of traditional holiday lights running five hours a day for 30 days can add up to $10 to your electricity bill? This Christmas, make sure you use LED lights, which will only run you 12¢ for the same amount of time. LED lights also last much longer!

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Keep pine needles from falling

We love the look of pine wreaths and garlands, but hate it when needles get all over the floor. To keep the needles from falling, spritz your holiday greenery with hair spray right after you purchase it. The hair spray will keep the needles moist and where they belong.

Easy way to dust wreaths

You can easily dust your holiday wreath by using salt. Go outside in the backyard with a large paper grocery bag and half a cup of salt. Pour the salt in the bag, place the wreath inside, and fold the bag closed. Then shake gently for 20 seconds and your wreath will look as good as new.

Pro Tips for Holiday Pies

Over-the-door wreath hanger

Here’s an easy way to hang a wreath on your door: Grab one self-adhesive wall hook—the 3M brand is perfect—and hang it upside down on the reverse side of your door. Loop the wreath’s hanging ribbon around the hook on the opposite side of the door, then pull it over the top for an over-the-door setup. The wreath should hang securely on the front.

Be mindful about decorating

If you want your home to look really festive, scan your living room for brightly colored objects that aren’t on theme, and move them to invisible or inconspicuous locations for the season. Without the other home items around to distract people’s eyes, your holiday decorations will stand out even more.

Do it with ribbon

Used wisely, a little holiday ribbon can go a long way. Wrap it around just about anything—a vase, throw pillow, staircase banister, lamp shade, curtain, pillar candle, and the list goes on—to create a festive atmosphere at little or no cost.

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Wrapping paper wall art

Got lots of wrapping paper left over from gift-wrapping? Reuse it as festive wall art! Cut the paper to fit hanging picture frames, then mount on your wall. Or use holiday cards from past years.

Easy holiday decorating

Put those unused holiday ornaments to good use by using them for an inexpensive centerpiece. Simply pick your favorites and put them in a clear punch bowl, and add tinsel or pine sprigs around the base. It works great with those solid-colored orbs we always seem to have so many of!

Outdoor decorations

When pruning your trees and bushes in the spring or summer, make sure to save some branches for later use. Then spray paint them whatever festive colors you prefer, and you have an instant holiday decoration! Place them in planters of flowers that are dead for the winter, and add lights or ornaments for extra flair.

5 Easy Ways to De-Stress After the Holidays

Get rid of pinecone sap

Pinecones are a family favorite during the holidays, whether they’re hanging on the tree or from a stocking, or simply radiating their delicious piney fragrance. But sometimes they’re just too sticky to handle. To remove some of that sticky sap, place the pinecones in the oven at 300 degrees for 10 minutes.

Fun family activity

Count down the days till the holidays with this fun family activity: Pull together all your holiday-themed books and wrap them as individual gifts. Let your children open one gift per night, and read the book together. The pre-holiday festivities might keep your kids satiated enough to lay off the presents under the tree until it's ttime to open them!

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