6 Fun Ways to Light Up Your Yard on Halloween

Before trick-or-treaters can knock on your door, they have to be able to find it. Light up your yard with these fun DIY luminaries from Hometalk Bloggers, so that you and your neighbors can enjoy a fun and happy Halloween.

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Tip #4: Reuse K-Cups as Floating Glowing Pumpkins

Project via Kim @The Kim Six Fix

Cover a line of fairy lights in clean, empty K-cups dressed up with mischevious smiling faces, for a string of floating pumpkins that can glow down over your porch or along your yard. Not only is it incredible adorable, this practical design is totally free!

Tip #5: Make a Haunted Cityscape 

Project via Amy @A Nest for All Seasons

Cut windows and doors out of brown paper bags and then fill each with an electric tea light, for this spooky cityscape that casts long launted shadows on your yard. The eerie glow showing through the windows is a fabulous freaky welcome for your trick-or-treaters.

Tip #6: Put Together a Cute-Meets-Creepy Mason Jar Lantern

Project via Malia @Yesterday on Tuesday

Add a fun decal to some tinted mason jars (you can make your own with food coloring and glue or with spray paint), fill them with electric string lights, and then top them off with some sweet details like a bow of a few polka dots. That's all it takes to show off these eerie little ladies.

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