7 Easy, DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas That Require Zero Crafting Skills

The Christmas decorations you make yourself at home are always the most memorable! But they don’t have to involve glue, glitter, and multiple trips to the craft store. Here are some easy, DIY decoration ideas that will add a holiday feeling to your home—and they require zero crafting skills!

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
December 13, 2016

7 Easy, DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas that Require Zero Crafting Skills

Instant Christmas Wall Art

Cover photos in your current frames with something holiday themed—holiday cards from years past, your children’s or grandchildren’s Christmas-themed artwork, or holiday wrapping paper are some great decorative choices! Simply cut to fit and slip in under the glass, then remove when the holidays are over.

Do It With Ribbon

Used wisely, a little holiday ribbon can go a long way. Wrap it around just about anything—vases, throw pillows, banisters, curtains, pillar candles, and the list goes on—to create Christmas atmosphere at little or no cost. We especially like tying a ribbon around the lampshades of smaller lamps!

Make Your Knick-Knacks Work for You!

Vases, candlesticks, Mason jars, and bowls can all be turned into elegant Christmas decorations. Gather them into one display area and place ornaments, candles, buttons, festive ribbons, or even peppermint candies inside them. You can even dye some water red or green, pour into vases, and add floating candles! Or, bring a little bit of winter indoors by filling them with pinecones, twigs, cranberries, or even fake snow.

Easy Paper Snowflakes

Got any spare cupcake liners on hand? Use them to make pretty paper snowflakes for your living room decorations: Set the liners on a flat surface and press to flatten them. Fold each liner in half, and fold in half again. Using scissors, cut shapes into the folds to create your snowflakes. String them all onto one piece of ribbon or yarn to form a garland, or hang them around the room individually for beautiful snowy decorations.

Christmas-ize Your Bathroom

When you’re decorating the house for the holidays, don’t forget the bathroom! Punch up the holiday spirit in the loo with holiday-colored bath towels: Gather three different sizes of towels (in three different colors, if possible), and stack them in size order. Tie colored ribbon around the towels to resemble a wrapped gift, and set them on a counter or behind the toilet bowl. It’s the perfect (free) Christmas decoration for your bathroom!

DIY Fake Frost for Your Windows

If you want your windows to look like they’ve been touched with frost this holiday season, just mix 1 tablespoon Epsom salts with 1 cup beer, then brush onto the window with a small paintbrush. When you’re ready to remove the frosty decoration, just wash it off with an ammonia-based cleaner like Windex.

Turn Sticks into Decorations

Go for a winter walk and find some sticks! (Or, when pruning your trees and bushes in the spring or summer, make sure to save some branches for later use.) Then spray paint them red, white, silver, or gold and you have an instant Christmas decoration! Place them outside in planters of flowers that are dead for the winter, or add smaller ones to a mug or bud vase.

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