4 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Science Fan

If you find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for the scientist (or budding scientist) near to your heart, here are 4 awesome gift ideas, hand-selected by Everyday Einstein.

Lee Falin, PhD
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4 Holiday Gift Ideas for Science Fans

Idea #1: Think Geek Science Toys

Despite the fact that these are labeled as "toys," many of the items in this category have some serious science learning opportunities behind them. Think Geek has everything from robot hands and gyroscopes to zombie plants and hydroponic kits.

There's even some fun science apparel.

Price: $10 and up


Idea #2: Thames and Kosmos Kits

Everyday Einstein has used several of these themed kits with his own brood of 5 kids, including the crystal growing and candy science kits. They're loads of fun - and, in some cases, it's actually edible fun!

Price: $12 and up


Idea #3: Make Magazine

One of Everyday Einstein's favorite DIY/home scientist how-to magazines, Make Magazine is a fantastic resource for learning the skills every scientist should know. In addition to the magazine itself, Make also has a fun store with various kits for building projects featured in the magazine. 

These suggestions will help provide hours of fun and education for your favorite scientist.

Price: $34.95/year (6 issues)


Idea #4: Adafruit Industries

Don't worry, it has little to do with fruit.

For the more serious mad scientist in your family, Adafruit industries has some great kits for building everything from electric POV signs for your bike wheels to wearable electronic jewelry you can design yourself.

Price: $30 and up


Idea #5: Half Worlder

Everyday Einstein, aka Dr. Lee Falin, has written a middle-grade science fiction novel! Half Worlder is now available for sale on Amazon.

Pick up a copy of Half Worlder for the sci fi fan on your holiday list today!

Price: $2.99


For more of our awsome ideas for holiday gifts, check out the QDT Holiday Gift Guide homepage!

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