Quick and Dirty Tips Fan Gift Guide

The holidays have arrived and the daunting task of gift buying and giving is upon us. Still shopping for your loved ones? Well, if they’re a fan of QDT, let this be your definitive gift guide for the next few weeks.

Jake Johnson
3-minute read

If Your Favorite Podcast is Modern Mentor

MiGoals 2022 Goal Digger Planner Classic

Maybe your loved one wants to get organised in the new year, but doesn’t want to sacrifice their happiness for productivity. This MiGoals planner makes room for both. The left page is reserved for days of the week while the right is a space to write what you’re grateful for, your goals, habits, top 3 wins of the week, and any other thoughts.

If Your Favorite Podcast is Grammar Girl

Grammar Tote Bag 

Commas save lives!

If Your Favorite Podcast is Savvy Psychologist

"Chill Mode" Self-Care Kit

The holidays are often a time we associate with spending time with family and giving gifts to the people we care about, but it’s also a time to rest and recharge after a long year. As Dr. Johnson has told us many times before, rest is incredibly important and it comes in many different forms. This self-care kit from Knack is the perfect gift for relaxing after the in-laws have left and you’re finally by yourself. The kit includes exfoliating sugar cubes, eye gels, bath balm, and a journal among other self-care essentials.

If Your Favorite Podcast is Nutrition Diva

Meal Planner

A meal planner for all of your New Year's nutritional goals. Hopefully they’ll make it to the end of 2022!

If Your Favorite Podcast is Get-Fit Guy

Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment

Going to the gym is hard: it’s time consuming, money consuming, and can still feel risky as new variants spread and COVID cases rise. Luckily, Dr. Jonathan Su, Get Fit Guy, knows that a home workout can be just as good as going to the gym. This portable home workout kit from Mouylan gives all the essentials you need to get a great home workout in. The kit comes with a bar, resistance bands, ankle rings, a base pad, and handles. While definitely a little pricey, you’ll save on the monthly subscription and feel just as great.

If Your Favorite Podcast is Relationship Doctor

Couple's Massage

I’m sure Dr. Vanderbilt would agree that a calming, relaxing activity with your significant other can be the bonding you need after a long year.

If Your Favorite Podcast is Project Parenthood

Customizable Puzzle

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. Puzzles are the perfect family activity because they get everyone involved, they vary in difficulty, and they get everyone working their brains together for at least a few minutes. The sense of accomplishment you and your child will feel when you’re finished is another added bonding experience. Customise your puzzle by uploading a picture to puzzleYOU and you or the person you’re giving it to can complete a puzzle of whatever they like.

If Your Favorite Podcast is Money Girl

Subscription to Acorns

After all of the holiday shopping, we’re all probably going to want to go back to saving. Acorns is an app that does that for you. For a few dollars a month, you can link the app to a credit card that will automatically round up transactions and add them to an investment portfolio. Whoever you're buying for can start saving and not even have to think about it.