6 Items You Can Use to Cover Wood Scratches

Is your beautiful wood floor covered in scratches? Does your like-new wooden coffee table have a scratch or two? Cover up these wood scratches with household items from shoe polish to coffee. 

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6 Items You Can Use to Cover Wood Scratches

Shoe Polish

Does your wooden coffee table, dresser, or dining room furniture have visible scratches? No sweat! Use a similarly hued shoe polish to fill in the offending marks, and voilà—the wood item will look like new!

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Cooking Oil

For tiny scratches in your wooden table or floor, rub a bit of vegetable or canola oil into the surface. The oil will darken the area and help it blend in.

A Nut

If you notice a scratch in your wooden floor or furniture, try this crafty (and delicious!) solution. Find a nut that matches the color of the wood; the most common types for this purpose are pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts. Rub the scratched area gently with the broken edges of the nuts—using the insides, not the shells. When you’re all done, enjoy a snack break.


To fix tiny furniture scratches, use eyeliner in a matching color to fill in the hole.


A crayon also works when you need to repair a scratch in wood. Just find a color that’s a close match to the wood, then rub the crayon or polish into the scratch. Wipe off any excess wax with a credit card edge, then buff with a cotton cloth.


Cover up scratches in wood furniture or floors with coffee! Just brew a very strong pot, and then use a cotton ball or rag to apply the coffee over the scratch. It works as a stain, and will have the scratch blending in with the floor in no time!

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