6 Tips for an Easy Paint Job

Take painting your home to the next level with these easy tips to keep your painting job clean, quick, and looking great. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
2-minute read

Speed Up a Paint Job

Quicken your interior paint jobs by mixing a quart of semigloss latex paint into a gallon of flat latex paint. The finish won’t shine more than it would with straight flat paint, but the paint will glide on and cover much more easily.

Painting Steps

When painting steps, paint every other one as you work your way down. When those are dry, go back and paint the rest. This way, you’ll still be able to use the stairs while your paint is drying (as long as you’re careful!).

Get Your Painting Technique Down

When painting, instead of wiping the brush on the bucket, tap it on either side. That will allow the excess paint to fall away while still leaving the brushes evenly coated.

Strain Out Lumpy Paint

Lumpy paint? No problem. Use the lid of the paint can as a stencil to cut a circle out of a screen that will fit perfectly inside the container. Push down with a stir stick as far as it will go so the lumps will be out of the way at the bottom.

A Different Way to Get Rid of Excess Paint

Another way to make painting neater is to wrap a wide rubber band around your open paint can from top to bottom. The rubber band will run right over the opening of the can, and you can use it to wipe the excess paint from your brush instead of using the edge of the can. Then when you’re done painting, wrap the band around the paint can the other way, at the exact level that the paint is at inside. That way, you won’t have to open the can to see how much paint is left.

Mobile Painting Bench

You’ve been painting baseboards for what seems like hours, thanks to the constant bending over and moving around. Make the job easier on yourself (and your back!) by borrowing your kid’s skateboard. It makes a great bench on wheels!

Elevate Your Painting

Painting a small object on a table? Stick some pushpins into the bottom of the item to elevate it off the table and make it easier to paint. The air will also be able to flow around it as it dries. Then simply remove the pushpins and admire your paint job!


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