Home Repair Hacks: How to Fix 5 Impossible Household Problems

You thought it was broken for good…until you read this post. Find out if that household repair that’s nagging you is on our list of 5 things you thought you couldn’t fix. Bonus: Not a single hack requires actual tools.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Home repair hacks

Fix Peeling Wood Veneer on Furniture

Wood veneer on a piece of furniture peeling? Glue down the fragile surface without having to lift up any more of the veneer by using a drinking straw. Flatten the straw, then dip the end in wood glue and slip it under the part that’s peeling. Then gently blow into the other end to dispense a tiny amount of glue.

Fix a Dent in Your Wood Floor

As long as the wood hasn’t broken apart underneath, you may be able to fix dents in wooden floors or furniture. Here’s how: Run a rag under warm water and wring it out, then place it on top of the dent. Apply an iron set on medium heat to the rag until the rag dries out. Repeat this process until your dent is gone.

Get Vinyl Flooring to Stop Coming Up

If your vinyl flooring is coming up, put it back where it belongs! Lay a sheet of foil on top (shiny side down), then run a hot iron over it several times until you feel the glue on the bottom of the tile starting to melt again. Place something heavy, like a stack of books, on top and leave it overnight to set.

Fill a Hole in Your Vinyl Floor

If there’s a small hole in your vinyl floor, here’s a hack to patch it up you’ll have to see to believe. Find a vinyl tile that is the same color, or better yet, one that you’ve saved for a replacement. Make some vinyl shavings from the tile using a cheese grater, then mix them with a small amount of clear nail polish. Dab the nail polish mixture into the hole and let dry. Voilà! Your floor is like new again.

Get Pipes to Stop Making a Banging Noise

If your water pipes are banging and pounding, you may be able to get rid of the noise without paying for a plumber to visit. First, turn off your main water valve, which is usually located near the water meter. Turn on all your water faucets, set them to cold, and let them drain until dry. Then close them again. Turn your main valve back on, then turn each faucet back on as well. After making spitting and coughing noises for a few moments, they should now flow freely with no noise coming from the pipes.

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