10 Vacuuming Tips You Should Know

Vacuum like a pro with these 10 hacks that will have you battling dust bunnies, getting rid of odors, and vacuuming those hard-to-reach places in no time. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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When Your Vacuum Stops Sucking

Your DustBuster doesn’t seem to be busting dust as well as it used to. The problem may be static buildup in the canister. Solve the problem with a dryer sheet! Cut off a piece of dryer sheet, and vacuum it up, and allow the DustBuster to run for 30-60 seconds. Remove the sheet, and the vacuum should really, well, suck again.

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Battle Dust Bunnies

The easiest way to vacuum under a dresser? Just remove the bottom drawer, and you’ll be able to suck up those dust bunnies with ease.

The Cleanest Carpet

For a cleaner, brighter carpet, sprinkle a small amount of salt before you vacuum. The salt provides a mild abrasive cleaning action that will clean the carpet without hurting the fibers.

Vacuum Like a Pro

When vacuuming your home, it’s always annoying to find bits and pieces that are too big for your vacuum. Instead of ending up with all those icky bits in your hand, tie a plastic grocery bag to your belt loop. That way, you’ll have a portable garbage can with you at all times!

Vacuum Off Odors

To rid your house of pet, cooking, or other smells, add a cotton ball soaked in vanilla or lavender oil to your vacuum cleaner bag. It’s a great way to rid your home of an offensive odor by creating a nice scent instead.

Vacuum Fix

If your vacuum hose has developed a crack and is leaking air, simply cover the crack with duct tape and keep on cleaning.

News You Can Use

I love to use the plastic bags that newspapers come in to clean the reusable filter bag in my portable vacuum cleaner. I slip my hand in the plastic bag, grab all the lint, and then invert the bag for a more thorough and dust-free cleaning process.

Erase Vacuuming Mistakes

You can prevent marks on baseboards and walls when you vacuum by covering the edges of the vacuum head with masking tape so you don’t leave behind dark smudges from the metal when you inevitably bump the wall.

Vacuum Cleaner Treat

Sprinkle some baking soda into the bag of your vacuum cleaner to keep it smelling fresh.

Vacuum Bag Fix

If your disposable vacuum cleaner bag is full and you don’t have replacement on hand, get out the duct tape! Remove the bag and cut a slit straight down the middle. Empty it into the garbage, then pinch the sides together at the slit and fold over. Tape the fold with a liberal amount of duct tape. The bag will hold a little less, but you’ll be ready to vacuum again without having to run to the store.

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