5 Easy Tips to Keep Clothes in Good Condition

Do you find yourself buying new clothes and replacing your wardrobe all too often? Extend your clothes' lifetime by preventing creases, storing your leather and suede properly, and more with these tips. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Crease Prevention

Don’t buy special pants hangers, but still avoid creases in suit pants with this clever tip: Cover the bottom of a hanger with a paper towel tube which you’ve cut lengthwise, and gently lay the pants over it. Hang them while they’re still wet and you might not even have to iron them!

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Restore Worn Velvet

If your velvet dress, shawl, shirt, or pants are getting a shiny mark from too much wear, you may be able to remove it. Try lightly spraying the area with water, then rubbing against the grain with an old toothbrush.

Storing Leather and Suede

When storing leather and suede garments, don’t cover them in plastic. These materials need a little breathing space, or they’ll quickly dry out.

A Coat of Coffee Does the Trick

If your black cotton items are starting to look more like they’re dark blue, wash a load of only black items. But first, brew a strong pot of black coffee, then add it to the rinse cycle.

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