5 Essential Tips to Prevent Kitchen Disasters

Are you a kitchen disaster magnet? From grease fires to glasses stuck together, here are some tips for dealing with common kitchen mishaps. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Be safe and follow these tips to stop a disaster in its tracks. 

EssentialTips toPreventKitchenDisasters

Kill a Kitchen Fire in Two Seconds Flat

If there’s a grease fire in a pan, cover the pan immediately with a lid. You’ll cut off the oxygen supply and the fire will go out. Baking soda is one of the best fire extinguishers. Because it creates carbon dioxide, it will prevent oxygen from feeding the flames. Always keep an open box next to the stove to dump onto grease fires—and never use water!

Safety Salt

Water should never, ever be thrown on a grease fire, because it will only spread. If there’s a fire caused by grease or oil in your kitchen, throw salt on it until it is extinguished. The salt will absorb the liquid causing the flames.

Microwave Safety

Microwave doors may become misaligned, especially if you pull down on them when opening them. When the doors don’t close properly, the oven can leak radiation, making your food take longer to cook.

Unstick Stuck Glasses

You reach to get a glass out of a stack of glasses, only to realize they’re stuck together. Reach into the cabinet again to get some vegetable oil, then pour a bit down the side of the glasses to unstick them without the risk of breaking them.

The Magic of Science

Another trick for unsticking glasses? Put a couple of ice cubes in the top glass and set the bottom one in a bowl of warm water. Remember high school chemistry? Heat expands. Cold contracts. And your glasses will unstick!

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