5 Laundry Room Essentials

Overwhelmed by laundry? Domestic CEO has the 5 things you need to make laundry day a cinch. 

Amanda Thomas
6-minute read
Episode #31

In theory, a laundry room is the place where laundry gets cleaned, folded, and distributed to all members of the family. It symbolizes order, freshness, and a new start with clean clothes. In reality, it’s often the room where a pile of dirty clothes grows on the floor and the mountain of clean clothes grows on top of the dryer for each family member to sift through when they need a specific shirt. Instead of symbolizing cleanliness and order, the room often looks like the aftermath of a small tornado..

The house where my husband and I live has a great big laundry room, but not everyone has that luxury, especially if you live in a big city or on a farm, like I did growing up. In fact, to this day the washer and dryer are still sitting in my parents’ kitchen. Regardless, there are a few key things that every laundry room (or space) should have to make the laundering process as quick and easy as possible. Today, I’ll be giving suggestions that I use in my home, as well as in the homes of my clients at Moxie Girl Household Assistants. I’ll also give you modifications in case you live in an old farm house or small apartment and don’t have a whole room for doing laundry. The tips will still apply, they’ll just look a little different:

Tip #1: A Hamper Divided

This first item is something that likely doesn’t stay in the laundry room. Most of us keep our hampers in the closet, bedroom, or bathroom where we take off our clothes. If you don’t, that’s a bonus tip: Keep your hamper right next to where you change so you can immediately throw the dirties in the hamper and avoid a pile-up situation. It takes the same amount of energy as tossing them on the floor, but you don’t have to waste time later picking everything up and doing the sniff test to determine if it needs to be washed.

If your dirty clothes already go straight into a hamper, make laundry day as easy as possible by sorting your clothes before you toss them in. It takes no extra time to put whites in a white bin and colors in a colors bin. This little step will save you 5-10 minutes of sorting per person on laundry day. It’s a little change that makes a big difference.

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This technique can be applied to little ones, too. As soon as your child knows his colors, you can teach him to put the whites in one bin and everything else in another. Not only will it save you time when doing the family’s laundry, but it’s also the first step in his learning to do laundry for himself. Think of it as early training to keep your child from having a load of whites end up pink when he goes off to college. Speaking of college, if you have any recent grads or college-age kids on your gift list, check our new ebook, Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College. In it, I and 11 other Quick and Dirty Tips experts give real world advice on everything from getting a job to stocking your kitchen. It’s just $3.99 and available on Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.