6 Easy Air Fresheners You Can Make at Home Right Now

Is there a foul odor in your house? Find out how to make a DIY air freshener out of flowers or an orange rind—plus learn some quick ways to make that bad smell go away with items you already have around the house.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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DIY Humidifier

You can make your own dehumidifier for your basement, closet, or other musty areas without having to spend a lot in the process. Simply fill a coffee can with charcoal briquettes and punch a few holes in the lid. Place it in damp areas, and replace the charcoal once a month as it absorbs the humidity. If you don't have charcoal, you can also use crushed-up chalk.

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How to Use Up Old Perfume

Someone gave you perfume as a present and although it smells nice, it’s just not your bag. Instead of spraying it on yourself, use it (or a bit of vanilla extract) to freshen entire rooms with just a spray or two. Squirt a small amount near lightbulbs, and when you turn on the lights, you’ll also turn on a lovely scent. You can also use perfume as a refill for a bottle that contains aromatherapy sticks.

Orange Peel Air Freshener

Make a great homemade air freshener with an orange: Just cut it in half, remove the pulp, and fill with salt, which will pull out its delicious orange scent. It’s easy, effective, and cheap!

How to Make an Air Freshener Out of Flowers

Who hasn’t wanted to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers last longer? Give your flower petals a second life by making your own air freshener. Just layer the petals with noniodized (kosher) salt in a small jar. This works best with flowers that have pulpy petals and woody stems, like roses, lavender, and honeysuckle. The salt will bring out their natural scent and help freshen your entire room. Keep a lid on the jar when you’re not around to make the scent last even longer.

Using Fabric Softener Sheets as Air Fresheners

Dryer sheets are great for freshening up just about anything. Stick them in smelly shoes to have them fresh by morning, or leave them under the seats of your car to keep the inside odor-free without one of those pine tree air fresheners. You can also tape one end of the dryer sheet to air conditioning and heating vents (just make sure you're not blocking air flow) to freshen up a room quickly.

How to Make DIY Reed Diffusers

We love the look of a sophisticated reed diffuser in the bathroom, but hate the cost! Make your own and save some serious cash with this easy recipe. Find a small vase or container you like and buy a packet of diffuser reeds—often sold as “refills.” First, pour a quarter-cup of mineral oil into a small bowl. Next add a couple of tablespoons of vodka and mix well. Then, add about 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and stir thoroughly. Finally, pour the mixture into the vase and put in 5 or 6 reeds. After a few hours, flip the reeds over and flip them again every few days. Enjoy your craftiness and extra dough!

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