6 Tips and Tricks for Drying Clothes

You may already know that you can't just throw any of your clothes into the dryer, but what can you do with your clothes to make them dry correclty and last longer? Here are some tips for line drying your clothes and how you can kick your drying game up a knotch. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
May 1, 2017


Reduce Static Cling

To reduce static cling naturally, toss a few (clean!) tennis balls into your dryer with your laundry. Tumble dry on low heat. The balls will bounce around, keeping clothes from sticking together.

Keep Jeans from Shrinking

Jeans are usually tight enough as it is! To minimize shrinking, wash them in cold water, dry them on medium heat for only 10 minutes, and then air dry them the rest of the way.

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Break in New Jeans

New jeans are great, except for how stiff they are when you first put them on. Break them in without having to do some strange squats by throwing them into your dryer with a few tennis balls. After 15 minutes on low they’ll be as good as…worn!

Line Drying

Line drying your clothes is energy efficient and great for them. Not only is air-drying less harsh, you’ll love the real smell of sun-dried linens. If you don’t have a clothesline, hang shirts and pants on hangers from tree limbs! Just make sure not to put brights in the sun, as they made fade.

Makeshift Clothesline

If you need to air dry delicates but don’t have a clothesline, hang a long strand of dental floss and place lightweight clothes on it to dry. Floss is sturdy enough to hold underwear, bathing suits, and even tank tops and light T-shirts.

Clothesline Expansion

If you love the smell of air-dried clothing, but never have enough room on your clothesline, you’ll love this ingenious trick: Pull the fabric off an old umbrella that has a hooked handle. Then open it up, hang it from the line, and you’ll have a bunch of spokes on which to hang your laundry overflow.

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