10 Fresh Uses for Lemons

These tips will help you replace many harsh cleaners and chemicals with one simple, all-natural one: lemons.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Keep your home and yourself feeling fresh and clean with this well-known household hero.

Around The House

1. Whiten Toilet Bowls
Forget the nasty chemicals and overpowering scents! You can use ½ cup lemon juice in your toilet bowl to deodorize and remove stains naturally. Let it sit for several minutes before scrubbing clean.

2. Green Cleaning for the Grill
Grill cleaners often contain harsh chemicals. But if you want to remove rust and sanitize your grill, you can use a simple lemon. Just cut in half and rub on the grill grate.

3. Quick Fix for a Stinky Microwave
Microwave odors? They plague every busy household. Simply cut a lemon into quarters and put it in a bowl of water, then place in the microwave on high for 2 minutes. Wipe the inside with a soft cloth and any stains will lift easily.

4. Beat Tough Fridge Odors
No matter how often you try to clean out the fridge, odor happens. The solution: Soak a sponge in lemon juice and let it sit in your fridge for a few hours. Ahh, better!

5. Keep Insects Out
Many little buggers—including ants, silverfish, roaches, and fleas—hate the smell of lemon. Squirt some lemon juice around cracks and openings where they may be tempted to enter in. For extra defense, mop your floors with a solution of the juice of four lemons and ½ gallon water.

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Super Food Tips

6. Master That Marinade
Make a simple marinade for meats by combining lemon juice with your favorite oils and herbs. The acid in the lemon juice breaks down the meat to tenderize and allow flavor in.

Health And Beauty

7. Whiten Nails
Take advantage of the natural acid in lemons to lighten and brighten nails. Dip your fingers in a mixture of lemon juice and warm water for about 5 minutes. When you’re in a hurry, you can also just rub a lemon wedge right over your nails.

8. Drink to Better Digestion
Add lemon slices or squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water glass. The healthy acids in lemon help your stomach break down food and improve overall digestion. Experts say warming the water provides the greatest belly benefits.

9. Get Rid of Warts
Warts can be stubborn, and many remedies seem less than gentle. Start with a simple cure: lemon juice. Squeeze the juice of a lemon onto a cotton ball, then dab on two to three times a day until you see the wart disappear. The acidity of lemon juice breaks down warts gradually—and naturally.

10. Soften Corns
Soak your feet in warm water, then apply a lemon juice compress made with a washcloth or cotton ball. You can repeat up to three times a day. The acid in the lemon juice will soften corns and help them fall off.

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