6 Surprising Uses for Chalk

Chalk is good for more than writing! If your kids have outgrown sidewalk chalk or you happen to have some around, here are 6 second uses for chalk, from getting rid of ants to keeping your basement mildew-free.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Second uses for chalk

Keep Ants Away

To keep ants away, all you have to do is draw a line! With chalk, that is. Ants think chalk is ash and won’t cross it (because it may be a sign of fire). Use their tiny brains against them by drawing a thick line of chalk along windowsills, cabinets, or anywhere else they enter your home. You can even draw a line on your picnic table!

Prevent Silver from Tarnishing

Before storing your silver, keep it tarnish free by adding in a couple of pieces of chalk wrapped in cheesecloth. The calcium carbonate in the chalk absorbs moisture from the air very slowly and prevents tarnish. For the best results, break up the chalk and expose the rough surface.

Patch Up Paint Cracks

If you notice thin cracks in the paint of white walks, chalk can fix them in an instance. Just run some white chalk over the offending areas. It will blend right in and hide the cracks before you get around to painting again.

DIY Dehumidifer

Place chalk in the damp areas of your home (like your basement) to absorb excess moisture and repel mildew. Use a container that allows air to get through it, like a mesh bag, a coffee can, or a paper bag with holes poked in it.

Get Rid of Warts

Believe it or not, chalk can help get rid of warts. Just grab some chalk and rub it right onto the wart, then cover it with a bandage or duct tape. The calcium carbonate in the chalk will dry out the wart. Repeat daily until it disappears.

Nip Rust in the Bud

Prevent your tools from rusting now and avoid the annoying rust-removal process later. Place a few pieces of chalk in your toolbox—it will eliminate moisture and fight rusting before it begins.

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