9 Tips to Make Cleaning Easier This Fall

Believe it or not, more people get into the down and dirty job of cleaning their homes in fall (when they're trapped inside with the windows shut!) rather than spring. Here are our tips to make it easier.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Episode #12

Fall clothing stains

If you pulled your fall clothes out of the back of your closet only to find old stains on them, just use our old standby: hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid. Your sweaters will look like new in no time! 

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Clean faster

Reuse an old kitchen apron to help speed up your housecleaning. Fill the pockets of the apron with your cleaning supplies, and you’ll be able to walk from room to room with everything you need right in the pockets in front of you. Make sure to bring a plastic bag with you for garbage you find around the house!

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How to clean your windows

Paper towels are for amateurs! Use newspaper, coffee filters, or even pages from a telephone book to clean your windows and they won’t leave as many streaks. Bonus: No pieces of lint behind!

Another sanity-saving window cleaning tip

Do you feel like you can never get a window completely clean? Here’s an easy tip that will help you to tell which side of the pane those godforsaken streaks are on. Simply wash your windows from top to bottom on the inside, then switch to washing side to side on the outside.

Cleaning blinds

Use kitchen tongs or bread crusts to clean your blinds! No, really, here’s our post on how to easily clean blinds to find out how.

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The easy way to clean fireplace ashes

Before cleaning the ashes from your fireplace, sprinkle some damp coffee grounds over them. They’ll weigh the ashes down and keep dust to a minimum.

Clean up sooty bricks with cola

Try an old masonry trick to brighten up soot-stained brick—use cola! Sponge the cola (flat is OK) onto sooty brick and leave for 15 minutes. Loosen the soot by scrubbing with a stiff-bristled brush. Sponge with clean water.

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Orange peels for kindling

The best thing to use as kindling in your fireplace isn’t newspaper (or printed out texts from your ex). It’s orange peels! Orange (and lemon) peels smell delicious when they burn, and they contain oils that not only make them burn longer, but help ignite the wood around them. They also produce less creosote than paper, which will help keep your chimney clean.

Cleaning crystal

If you have a crystal chandelier, don’t dread cleaning it any longer! First, make sure the light switch is off. Next, lay a blanket or upside-down umbrella underneath the chandelier to catch any drips or falling pieces. Now mix 1/2 cup lemon juice with 1½ cups water in a jar. The crystals clean themselves—all you have to do is bring the jar up to each one and dip it in, then let it air-dry. Or, use the solution on a clean cotton rag and wipe the crystal.

This lemon juice and water mixture is also a great way to remove film from glasses, instead of using vinegar!

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