Hydrogen Peroxide and Dishwashing Liquid? How to Make and Use This Miracle Cleaner

You may have seen this miracle cleaner (a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dishwashing liquid) all over the internet. How do you make it and what can you use it for? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about our favorite DIY household cleaner.

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What Measurements to Use

When making a hydrogen peroxide + dishwashing liquid cleaning solution, all you need is 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1 part dishwashing liquid. One easy way to do this is to empty out (or use) one-third of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, then fill the rest with a dishwashing liquid like Dawn and screw a spray bottle nozzle on top. Now it’s ready to be used for all your household cleaning chores!

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Do I Have to Use Dawn Brand?

You don't have to use Dawn brand—while some people online will claim that it only works with Dawn brand, this isn’t true. We’ve used all kinds of dishwashing liquids (specifically—whatever is on sale) and all have seemed to work just as well as the Dawn version does. (Some people say Dawn works better than any other dishwashing liquid no matter what you’re using that for, but we won’t enter that debate!)

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Stain Removers Bleach My Clothes?

As you’ll find out below, removing stains is one of the many things you can use a hydrogen peroxide–dishwashing liquid cleaner for. While it WILL harm some sensitive fabrics, most hardier fabrics like cotton, linen, and synthetics that can handle the dryer will be OK. (Test a small area first if you’re unsure.) However, you should wash clothes as soon as possible after applying the stain remover. Hydrogen peroxide left on clothes for more than a few hours can start to bleach it.

How to Use the Cleaner for Floors

Hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid is a super-cleanser around the house, and we like to use it for regular day-to-day kitchen mopping—gentle enough for all types of flooring and packed with disinfecting power for a thorough clean. Spray on your floors, then wipe up with a wet mop. Follow with another round of just water if you need to.

Get Rid of Mold on Grout

If you have black lines between the tile in your shower, never fear: we (and our miracle cleaner) are here to help. Wait for the tub area to dry, then spray with your peroxide-soap solution and let it sit for 5–10 minutes. Then hit the grimy grout with an old, wet toothbrush. This will take a little elbow grease and maybe a few attempts, but your tub will be back to prime form in no time! If it’s really bad, soak paper towels or cotton balls in the solution and place over the black marks overnight, then attack with a toothbrush in the morning.

Get Rid of Pee on Mattresses or Furniture

If you’re a parent of young kids or pets, you’ve probably been faced with a pee stain. Use this effective all-purpose cleaning solution to get rid of the stain, odor, and accompanying toxins. First off, soak up any liquid with paper towels until it’s fully absorbed. Then spray a large amount of the solution over the offending spot, and watch the stain vanish over the next 10 minutes. Wipe with a damp rag and then dry.

Use to Unclog Your Drain

If your drain is starting to run a little slow, but doesn’t require a heavy-duty drain declogger like Drano, save your pipes the wear and tear by using the hydrogen peroxide–dishwashing liquid mixture instead. Just dump about a half a cup down in the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then boil a kettle of water, and pour it down the drain. The cleaner will break up the grease, and the hot water will wash it away.

Get Rid of Clothing Stains

Hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid is one of the best stain removers around. Nurses have long known that this is the magic solution to getting rid of blood stains, and you can also use it on stains like mustard, ketchup, and even red wine. Scrub until the stain is gone, then launder as usual.

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