How to Make the Perfect Flower Bouquet

You don't need to be a professional florist to arrange a beautiful flower bouquet. Steal a couple tricks from the pros by using transparent tape, potatoes, and more unlikely tools to create the perfect flower arrangement. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
May 23, 2017


Arranging Done Easily

When arranging flowers, use transparent tape across the mouth of the vase in a grid to make an invisible guide. Then stick stems into the individual holes created by the tape. Not only will it be easier to decide where to put each flower, but they’ll stay more upright with the tape to lean against.

Berry Straight

Keep flowers standing straight in a vase by slipping the stems through the holes in a berry basket. If you can’t fit the entire basket in the vase, cut as much as will easily fit.

Spud Bud

A beautiful bouquet can look mediocre if the individual stems fall all around the vase. Keep them standing straight by poking holes into half a potato, sticking it in a vase, and “planting” the stems. The starch is good for the flowers, too.

Keeping Flowers Together

Ever have the problem of a beautiful bouquet spreading out too much in the vase? It ends up looking rather sad and scrawny, but here’s a simple fix: use a hair elastic to hold stems together.

Daffodil Danger

Daffodils are one of our favorite flowers. Just remember not to mix them with other flowers when making an arrangement, as daffodils produce a toxin that kills other flowers!

Make Your Flowers Taller

Got some nice flowers whose stems are too short for the vase you want to put them in? Take a clear plastic straw and cut a segment off, then slide it over the bottom of the flower stem. Your floral display will now stand tall!


If you’ve perfectly arranged a vase of flowers that’s filled to the brim, water it without disturbing your design by filling a turkey baster with water, then slipping it between the stems.

Displaying Fake Flowers

Make a holding place for your fake flowers using salt. Fill your vase with salt and add just enough cold water to get the salt wet, but not submerge it. Then stick the stems of your artificial flowers inside. The salt and water mixture will turn hard, keeping your flowers exactly where you want them. When you’re ready to take the flowers out, fill the vase with warm water until the salt starts to dissolve.

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