Go Green: 4 Tips for Saving Water in Your Home

Looking for ways to go green? Check out the Domestic CEO’s 4 easy ways to save water (and money) in your home!

Amanda Thomas
4-minute read
Episode #65

Go Green: 4 Tips for Saving Water in Your Home

As you may have noticed, I’m on a bit of a going green kick lately. If you’ve been listening to or reading my recent episodes, you’ve already learned how to cut down on the amount of trash you create in your kitchen as well as some environmentally friendly laundry tips. I’m sticking with the going green topic again this week and will be focusing on some of the best ways to save water in your home.

Water is a natural resource that has become a hot-button topic lately. Living in Arizona, our main source of water is the Colorado River, and we share it with 6 other states, 10 American Indian tribes, and part of Mexico. That’s a lot of people depending on one river, so the smarter we can be with our own personal water usage, the better for everyone! Whether you depend on a river, an aquifer, or a lake for your water, how you save water around your house does have a direct impact on your community’s water supply.

In today’s episode, I’ll give you 4 easy tips to save water around your home. If we all implement just one, or maybe even a few of these, we can help save huge amounts of water and our planet..

Tip #1: Check for Leaks

The first way to save water around your house is to check for, and fix, leaks. Leaks can take many different forms, so finding them takes a few different methods. First, watch your water bill. If you have a month where your water usage spikes, don’t simply think that you used more water. You may have a leak outside or under your house. If it simply jumps a hundred gallons or so, that could easily come from washing extra loads of laundry during the month. If it jumps thousands of gallons, you may want to call your city to have them send someone out to detect underground leaks. These often go unnoticed until a $5,000 water bill arrives in the mail, so keep on top of your water bill and catch the leak early on. It will save water, as well as a huge hassle and cost of the water bill.

The next way to check for leaks is to always keep an eye out for dripping faucets. While those slow and steady drips may not seem like a big deal, a faucet that is losing just one drop of water every 6 seconds is actually losing about 3 liters of water a day. Now imagine that being multiplied by every house on the block, or every house in your town. That water isn’t helping anyone, and in fact it’s likely even damaging your sink. A leak left unfixed can cause the surface of your sink to erode over time, which causes some ugly damage, and may require a costly repair to replace your entire sink. Get leaks fixed as soon as you notice them, and you will save yourself money and hassle down the road!